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About healthy sleep

If you are interested in learning about healthy sleep, you could visit the Healthy Sleep module of the Harvard Medical School Sleep and Health Program (HMSSHP). The program is designed for the continuing medical education of physicians but it is also freely available to non physicians. The module provides information on:

  • Why Sleep Matters
  • The Science of Sleep
  • Getting the Sleep You Need

You may access this module via the link below.

Steps to good sleep

If you would like information on steps you can take to get good sleep, you could visit the ‘Get Sleep’ module of HMSSHP. You may access this via the link below.

Free e-book ‘Insomnia in Adults and Children’

The Canadian Sleep Society has made available, free of charge, a very good 74 page e-book titled ‘Insomnia in Adults and Children’. This e-book is accessible via the link below.

Insomnia_Adult_Child.pdf (

Excellent video on insomnia

The link below is to an excellent, very informative and comprehensive video about insomnia. It covers topics such as the definition, epidemiology, and impact of insomnia.

The video also debunks common insomnia misconceptions and presents available treatment options. The presenter is Dr. Donn Posner. Donn is based at the Stanford Centre for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine, California.

The video lasts for about 64 minutes. Donn’s presentation lasts for about 46 minutes and the remaining time is spent on questions and answers.

Sleep Like a Baby: Myths About Insomnia and Aging – YouTube

COVID-19 resources

The Sleep Health Foundation provides a range of resources designed to help you get good sleep during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may access these via the link below.

Sleep Well, Be Well